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to brilliant thinkers in silicon valley and ethical neuroscientists around the globe

     Assuming communication and artificial intelligence are in the future of humanity, an opportunity presents itself. Both neuroscience and artificial intelligence are separate but equal in the free will zone of behavior modification. Neuroscience addresses your inner energies, and artificial intelligence addresses external outer powers and, when wisely coordinated, can profoundly shape the overall functioning of humanity almost immediately.
     Suppose an individual is left unimpacted by neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Then, at some point in the series of incarnations, they will eventually reach their average ultimate spontaneous level of consciousness while in a densified state.
     Like a free-range organic monarch butterfly departing from the northeastern U.S. and Canada that flies 3,000 miles to southwestern Mexico, entities in the 3rd-dimensional world travel globally. Entities as fragile as natural butterflies are Divine Creator manifestations in time and space densification.

 UNDERSTAND Outside artificial influences would be absent.

An example for earth pilgrims is the unconscious use of your auditory acuity, perception, and memory using speech and hearing communication in a noisy environment. Your listening skills automatically tune out unwanted sounds and tune in frequencies attached to thoughtforms even when asleep.
     This receptive language attribute is a lifetime communication channel that never closes but is eternal. Individuals who have a near-death experience can hear their loved ones even though the physical body, the vehicle of the flesh, is only ashes in an urn.
     Your hearing, understanding, perceptional, and memory remain and are continually accessed with your willpower, ability to focus, and unconditional love.
      I must say it is pretty cool when you think about it.
     If neuroscience and artificial intelligence are applied poorly, earthpilgrims on this water planet will likely face environmental, social, and spiritual demise.
     Additionally, if better utilized, a gentle managed shaping could occur without injury, which would elevate consciousness on a global level. This directional awareness correction will escalate good health and cooperation at the community level.
     Both neuroscience and artificial intelligence can be golden tools for living in spiritual coordination with the planet and ourselves.
you and all your loved ones are always in my prayers
Sam Bell

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