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While attending a wedding at the Sausalito Yacht Club on the edge of San Francisco Bay, a gentleman introduced himself and inquired if I was able to communicate with angels. I had never met him and did not know anything about him other than he was knowledgeable. So, I did a spiritual reading for him on the spot, suggesting avenues to explore to learn his spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain.
A year or two later, I was invited to read for his extended family at their residence, where I met a spiritual clan. A few more years passed, and he again asks my spiritual help with a significant life choice decision.
Last year he again contacted me for a spiritual consult about another decision—this time, however, his request put me in a challenging situation. Either way, the information went, I would also feel his feelings.
Following is his letter, and I will leave these two images here…
Samuel Joseph Bell

While I’ve been fortunate enough to call Sam Bell a friend now for about a
decade, the experience I’m about to share took place nearly a year ago. I hope to find an opportunity to share what Sam has truly meant to my family and I in detail, above and beyond this particular experience, with those that have also been exposed to his light. He has consistently been a beacon of positivity for us.
My wife and I have a beautiful son who is three years old. Like many of those who may read this, he is everything to us. Everything.
Both my wife and have younger siblings. We really wanted our son to have that same experience – a younger brother or sister. Unfortunately, the path for us to expand our family by 1 had proven to be incredibly difficult.
After multiple attempts of working through Fertility Centers, we decided to take a third and final attempt at IVF. The first two attempts yielded heartache and pain that I won’t detail here but you can likely assume the pain of enduring this process and seeing someone you love suffer through the process. Coupling these failed IVF attempts, couples with several failed events prior, really put a strain on us.
The course of which we had traveled down, finding ourselves in the midst of our 3rd IVF cycle, wasn’t an easy one. Given the uniqueness of this process, I was limited to who I could speak to about my thoughts, feelings, concerns, faith, fears and everything in between. During heightened times such as the one I found myself in nearly a year ago, I’ve found myself reaching out to Sam who always brought a special perspective to my situation. At times, simply being able to speak to Sam as a sounding board, has been special and uplifting for me within itself.
When I shared with Sam where I was during the process, I found myself in a very unique headspace. To put this all into perspective, if we were to be successful during this 3rd and final attempt of IVF, a child would have blessed in our lives and brought into birth around August or September of 2021. Sam proceeded to ask for my permission to reach out to his angel to ask for some feedback on my situation, which I gladly granted the permission. As my wife and I discussed, this was going to be out last attempt and we were half-way through the process.
Sam asked his guardian/guide whether my wife and I would give birth to a child in 2021. The message he received, was “no” which as you can imagine really took its toll on my heart.
While looking at his chart, I noticed there was a follow-up question which asked if at some point in the future, will my wife and I bring a second child into the world. The message he received to this question was “yes” and my spirits were lifted again.
His 3rd question specifically asked about the timing of when this experience would take place. A chart was written out with an arrow that was drawn to the year “2022”. The individuals numbers of 2, 0, 2 and 2 were spaced out so that it gave the arrow enough room to identify with a specific time/window within 2022 that we could potentially expect.
Based on the chart, one could speculate that the month of April could be a month worth considering if you consider that each number represents a quarter of the year. Since the arrow pointed at the beginning of “0” then I concluded that the start of the 2nd quarter of the year is what Sam was being told that my wife and I could be expecting.
As you can guess, there was a range of emotions going through my head. Between reading a message stating that our current attempt will not generate a positive result because Sam received a message that we would actually expect in April 2022. It was a moment where I had to simply sit, breathe, digest and move on.
A few days later, my wife and I were given the heartbreaking news that our 3rd and final attempt at IVF had failed. Despite the fact that I was given unique news from Sam that essentially teed me up for this, it was still devastating.
We continued down the path of recovery, both emotionally and physically.
It wasn’t until a few months later that we had the “what if” conversation together. “What if” we tried a 4th time? What if we went back to our Doctor and consulted to see what our possibilities? “What if” this time would general a higher egg count to increase our chances of a successful transfer and pregnancy?
Having just purchased a home at the start of the pandemic and several failed attempts, we weren’t in a comfortable place financially either. We put our heads together and forecasted a scenario between us where we could find a way to try one last time.
All the meanwhile, I haven’t shared any of what Sam told me to my wife. I didn’t want my wife to think that I was putting our resources and basing a very difficult decision on someone’s else vision or message, as much as I truly believed in Sam. It was, simply, not an easy thing to share at the time.
In September of 2021, I was at work and my wife and son were in the vicinity so they decided to visit. My wife was expecting a phone call from our Doctor as to the results of the 4th procedure and where we stood throughout the process.
I paced my way towards her as I knew she had just gotten off the phone with the Doctor. I could see my wife and son from nearly 100 yards away down a very long sidewalk. My focus was deadest on her eyes and any ounce of emotion I could pick up to prepare myself for the news that she was just given by our Doctor. It wasn’t until I was about 75 yards or so out that I noticed she had tears coming down her face. Those tears were accompanied with a huge smile, however and immediately, I was overtaken with a surge of hope and love through every ounce of my body and spirit. I’ll never forget that moment, where the three of us rejoiced and she told me those words that I will always be so incredibly grateful for. “I’m pregnant,” she said.
As many people have learned from experience, an early pregnancy test result doesn’t necessarily mean that things are perfectly set and in motion. I wish life worked that way. We had a series of checkups over the coming months to ensure that the baby is healthy and from the Doctor’s perspective, that everything looked good. Every appointment had us nervous, hopeful, on edge, eager, etc.
As of today, my wife and baby yet to be born have made it through all of our major tests as she is five month pregnant.
The dude date for the baby is April 24, 2022.
Sam’s words and guidance kept the door open for me and in turn, deep down, I naturally kept that door open for my family. We weren’t in a place to consider trying for a 4th time. I’m not overly confident that I would have been a champion for a 4th attempt had I not had that exchange with Sam. I’m incredibly grateful that I am. I’m incredibly grateful for Sam and for the energies, guides and light that has been by our side throughout my life.
With Love, Light and Gratitude……

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