Ralph Davis Brown Incident

5/14/2022 Saturday 11 am

Mr. Mark Akers has known me from San Jose way back in the 1950s. We were altar boys at St. Leo’s Elementary and Mitty High school. Last year mark contacted me on 7/13/21 at 5:16 pm from his residence in Oregon requesting help with a missing person case. The first information given was he drove off in his car with little money and probably got lost. Mark knows me and understands I have been successful with Spiritual Intelligence as I am a connection to the other side. My guardian Angel Daisy’s indicated Mr. Ralph Davis Brown was now in heaven and doing very well other than anxious about all the loved ones searching for him. I agreed to solve this as Mark is a friend in need, and I love him. First, I asked Daisy if it was ok to solve this, and she responded yes. Then I enquired if Ralph was alive, and she answered no. Learning he has passed on immediately takes the super emergency away. When I seek a physical item in this 3rd dimension, I begin with a big map and use tighter area maps as I go forward. Starting with a west coast map and then an Oregon map, I narrowed the search to eventually an area near a bend in a river on an Oregon topological map. I identified the site with arrows and messaged it to mark and search authorities on May 24th, 2021, at 6:28 am. They found him yesterday, 5/13/22, deceased in his car in the rough area I identified. I did this with Daisy from my home in Miraflores Lima, Peru. According to Mark, in Oregon, Mr. Ralph Davis Brown was located 11 minutes by auto or 5 miles from the spot Daisy identified. Please include Ralph and all his loved ones and Mr.Mark Akers of Newberg, Oregon, and all his loved ones in your



Sam Bell

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