Mary and her experience with Sam (In Spanish)

On October 26, 2021, at 11 am, Fernando Arrospide and I spoke with the anonymous Mary over a Facebook messenger from my office in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. Fernando is my producer and translator; Mary is an unknown person requesting communication with her guardian angel. Mary is a Spanish speaker.
I had earlier channeled the guardian angel for Mary’s mum. Through her mother’s experience, Mary learned about what we do, trying to help souls learn all their spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain.
At the end of the reading, we concluded our connections. I looked directly at Fernando and asked if he thought everything went ok with the translation. I am empathic, and there is often no off switch for resonating with another on subtle levels and dimensions. But I could not get a feeling or sense if she was ok.
Fernando responds in the reassuring affirmative like usual.
      So we relaxed and decided what task to address in our next spiritual science journal. Are we going to search for a missing person, manifest a distant emergency spiritual healing, or continue with the off-planet interactions to elevate consciousness? I stopped and mentally said to Daisy, my guardian angel, let’s help Mary. I petitioned Daisy to allow it as I felt different about Mary; unusually, I could not tell by her facial expressions and voice tones if she was cool with what I brought from the other side. I am only a conduit or channel for the information; I am not the data source.
    I use my willpower, focus, and unconditional love, to locate and then tune in with intent and examine the quantum hologram context spiritual dimension. Beginning with blurry thought forms, Mary’s guardian angel is funneling towards me now as the goal is to learn spiritual lessons about compassion and patience for yourself and others. While at the same time not judging yourself or others.    
     Zoning in on the exact life lessons timeline is strategic, So what I receive comes from the guardian angel of Mary to Daisy and then into me. I am the weakest part of this 3rd-dimensional reaching up to lower 6th-dimensional drama, and I am not smart.
      And then, I put my telepathically received thought forms and memories essences into American English vocabulary. Brilliant Fernando pivots the English sounds into Peruvian Spanish, so the opportunities for confusion and misinformation are bountiful.
    Fernando and I use our highest intent to deliver spiritual healing to the best of our ability. We take this mission seriously.  
     I always include myself and all my loved ones in my prayers At least two times each day….sunrise and sunset. However, this time I did a petition. A petition is different.
     It is more of a polite demand. I petition for Daisy, my guardian angel, to help Mary learn all her spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain. I am not telling her any answers. I am advising her spiritually as a connection to the other side.
      The point of this incident report is that night, I woke and could not return to slumber. Usually, I sleep and wake and go back to sleep…and eventually, get up at 330 am or 4 am.
But this nite, I could not go back to get comfortable and drift off to sleep. So I positioned myself on my back, relaxed and evenly positioned my body, and began to envelope myself in the White Light, doing a slow deep visualization hoping I would eventually doze off.            
     While going to sleep, I did the big jump startle like a physical reaction, not a twitch but a full-body jump. This bolt of electricity triggering my muscles happens occasionally, but usually, I am asleep, and the leap wakes me. However, I was not sleeping this time, and the jump was huge.
     I know this is the sensation when you return from an out-of-body experience. I have had many spontaneous out-of-body experiences when sleeping, and also only one time at my home in Murrays Bay, New Zealand, where I did a significant out of the body with intention while wide awake.
    This time I was lying there as if I had just reentered my body a few minutes ago…closely analyzing the feelings exactly, and then the same big jump occurred again. This time just as powerful. Right then, I started thinking I had left and returned.
I sensed and felt leaving my physical body and then reentering my body a the same time Mary experienced my being with her in her residence.
Samuel Joseph Bell

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