Mary and her experience with Sam (In Spanish)

“Mary” which is not her real name for privacy reasons contacted Sam for personal reasons. The first meeting was a bit of a shock because she didn’t seem to react to any stimuli. He didn’t say much and didn’t want to delve into his topics. We only learned that day that after her husband’s death she neglected her health and did not follow up on the tumor she had in her brain.

That night “Mary” dreams of Sam asking her to take care of her. The next morning he makes an appointment with his doctor who mysteriously gave it to him very quickly. In Peru, a social security appointment can last from more than a month to half a year. That day “Mary” receives a call from the doctor who asked her to go that same day because he had a patient who canceled the appointment. When making his diagnosis, the surprised doctor tells him that his tumor, which was an average of 5 centimeters, had shrunk to less than one centimeter and no longer qualified as a tumor.

“Mary” has a new opportunity to leave and now she wants to migrate with her children for a better life and greater opportunities.

We sincerely wish you the best…

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