The tragedy of HOW AMERICA TRANSITIONED INTO MERICA and, more importantly, where do we go from here

The following summation comprises my direct experiences, observations, and opinions as a now 73-year-old conscious spiritual channel. At the conclusion will be a single suggestion for enhancing the Consciousness of humanity on this water planet.

    My day in California, Florida, or New Zealand could include a home health visit with a newborn with bilateral cleft palate feeding issues or a lumberjack with right-sided paralysis. Who understood everything but could not say anything but swear words.
      There are memories of walking up and down halls in hospitals with helicopter pads and little heroin clinics in south-central Los Angeles,  acute care, subacute, SNF, ICF, and ICFDD institutions.
     Also, a fair percentage of end-stage Alzheimer’s patients cannot remember the food in their mouths. So they hang out on a permanent feeding tube, now having ongoing episodes of pneumonia as they drown in their saliva.
     This and more typically comprises my daily patient caseload as a Speech and Language Pathologist of 42 years.
      My passion was to get people to improve their communication talents, oral motor habit patterns, and safe eating and drinking habits.
     Your quality of life depends on your memory, cognition, sustained attention to task, and auditory processing.
     Now is the time in the evolution of earth pilgrim consciousness to understand your resonating cell memory directly integrates with your environment’s most profound physical and spiritual domains. The quantum connection is the water in you and around you has memory.

REPEAT the quantum connection is the water in you and around you has memory.

    Water has memory, and you can infuse a memory into the water with your mind and test the results of loving intentions and greedy intentions. You only do this infusion into the water using three elements of your soul essence personality. These quantum inner talents are your willpower, ability to focus, and unconditional love energies.
    These intention resonances are super subtle energies beneath the material amplitude awareness. You don’t think about them and are not often aware of them, while many of you may not be able to understand them.
     Loved one, you are a universe of super delicate permeable fabrics of quantum energies regulating your body temperature or digesting the foods and liquids you consume that keep you at a steady temperature.  
     Your entire body, mind, and soul are constantly bridging this quantum Consciousness and acquiring skills like valving the air with your vocal cords to produce the sounds you have attached to your learned thoughtforms. But, of course, you don’t think about it. So we stay on this side of the differentially permeable Consciousness membrane.  
      What have I learned from helping the Deafblind autistic to auto accident trauma quadriplegic 13 yr old girl? Thousands of cerebral palsy and dual diagnoses. Private schools in Beverly Hills to state hospitals for the criminally insane. And healthy, beautiful, educated, and super-rich with the same problems.  
I learned love is the most powerful energy that heals: loving oneself and others, not judging others or ourselves.  
    You lovingly address the water on the planet and the water that makes up over sixty percent of your vehicle of flesh to improve and heal your quality of life.
     Your sentient cells containing water want the same thing. They each, at the level of their Consciousness, desire respect.
Self-respect is also on a quantum level cell respect. Using your timeless three soul elements, we are entering the fourth, fifth, and sixth-dimensional resonances transversing subspace.
     About me, I was born and educated in San Jose, California. I was an MIT minister in training and a Certified Hypnotist directly trained by Sylvia Celeste Brown. Then, in 1996, on September 21, at 3 am, a Light came out of my chest, and I went into this Light. I received a blessing to communicate with my guardian angel, Daisy. This interdimensional rapport aimed to help earth pilgrims learn their spiritual lessons with minor pain.
   Also, I worked for a few years with my friend Leo Jones of Fargo CounterMeasures and Saber Laboratories. He requested my talents as an instructor working with authorities, other contractors, and individuals. Additional experience includes Graduated Neurotherapy Certification Progam Brain Science International, Biofeedback Certification International Alliance Accredited, and 2016 DEPLOMA de HONOR  MACHU PICCHU DE ORGO Canal Espiitual SPIRITUAL CHANNEL.
     Respect is what everyone desires, while greed provides the energy for lessons most often learned.
    There are many different forms and quantities of greed. However, on this particular inhabited planet, the desire for control is the most common. Oh, the downfall of greed for power.
     Historically humans cooperated on some level, consciously using communication with mixed motivations, from pleasure to torture. Burning at the stake was a successful functional new normal at one point in the evolution of Consciousness. While breeding, buying and selling humans as lifetime enslaved people were ordinary.
     When Our Lord taught, the little emphasis focused on slavery was understandable. As, in the evolution of earth pilgrim consciousness, understanding the evil greed for control of human slavery was not comprehensible.
     Humanity is now bridging an understanding that each constructs the thoughtforms we hold in ourselves. That water inside and outside of us is a quantum element in this planetary consciousness evolution we are now experiencing.
      Towards elevating this planetary Consciousness, the Quantum Water Ceremony was downloaded. Pleiadian and Orion Consciousness cooperatively delivered upon a Hopi contract. Returning elements, thought forms, and intentions to infuse water with loving concepts. The Quantum Water Ceremony is free to enjoy at my website.
and watch AWAKENING.
you and all your loved ones are always in my prayers,
Sam Bell

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