spiritual case study DOCTOR CAT
by Sam Bell Conscious Channel

-Terry O’Shea Near-Death Experience
– Resulting Spiritual experiences of Wife Lily
-spiritual information to help caregivers and family advance consciousness and learn charted spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain.
Terry was born and bred to be a mining-heavy equipment maintenance professional. Terry was known in dozens of countries as Dr. CAT., a man’s man highly skilled in all Caterpillar mining and construction equipment maintenance aspects. Specialization in open-pit mining, underground mining, processing plants, and component rebuilds. He was raised in a log cabin and went to a one-room schoolhouse. His dad was a miner; his home was in a wilderness area. The nuclear family had a simple life living off the land. Terry volunteered for Vietnam, serving twice in the navy with a crypto-security clearance. My acquaintance with Terry was we went golfing Sunday mornings at the Gran Azule Country Club in Lima, Peru.

solid and healthy mid-seventies continues to work at high elevations, travels extensively around North America, Central America, and South America,  speaks English and Spanish fluently, happily married, lives in Miraflores Lima Peru

moderate overweight, slight hearing loss, knowledgeable, upbeat and articulate, good communication skills, outgoing personality with a history of high blood pressure, medical diagnosis is acute brain cancer requires immediate surgical intervention

ASAP brain surgery with chemo as needed

 rehab as tolerated

     Brain surgery was successful, and the patient survived. He played in a golf tournament that same week and won the contest. He walked the course wearing head bandages with liquids leaking out. So physically, he was pretty good other than facial weakness on the right side, which kept his right eyelid lowered along with slight drainage out his nose and the spot where the surgeon went in.
     Will power, ability to focus, and unconditional love were firing on all cylinders. Upon opening his eyes and seeing his wife, LilyLily reported that Terry said he met his guardian angel, and she is a woman. The following day with the help of Lilly, Terry called me from his hospital bed in Lima, Peru, to me in Eldorado Hills, California. During that telephone conversation, he spontaneously exhibited air flow, voice, and speech articulation at a conversational level within normal limits: expressive and receptive vocabulary and language WNL. In addition, Terry indicated he had lost his fear of death.

Terry and Lily and all their loved ones are always in my prayers
Sam Bell

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