DHALLEMAN-Orion UFO 2017 incident at Cerro Negro, Peru

I channel guardian angels making my first trip to Cusco, Peru, memorable. This excursion was the second trip, and I was again looking to communicate with the other side for spiritual information to help seekers learn all their spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain.
      We found her home nearby, and as we slowly walked up the stone roadway, we began to see a gentleman standing in the predawn entryway courtyard. He immediately asked, are you Sam Bell. We have been waiting for you.
     Seeing this stranger I did not know, was not looking for, nor did I expect, and who knew my name brought a curious wonder.
     Then a second gentleman emerged, and he too quickly asked me if I was Sam. So began an exciting series of almost unbelievable experiences.
     The second gentleman led us to the center of the open courtyard, and we each looked up to the dark sky, and each said a prayer. I don’t know what they were saying. I just told my essential prayer to Mother God.
     Later, I learned the first gentleman in the entryway was Guillermo, and I don’t remember the name of the second gentleman.
      I channeled the guardian angel of this gentleman, a Peruvian journalist named Guillermo Gillespie. When I met him, he was a sincere seeker of spiritual information and was open to an authentic connection with his guardian angel. As a result, he and I quickly succeeded in this metaphysical endeavor.
      Some months later, floods in Trujillo were pretty bad. Destroyed a lot of homes of souls who had little. So on March 24, 2017, Guillermo Gillespie,  my photographer and producer Jarot Mansilla, my wife Blanca Bell, and I flew from Lima to Trujillo, Peru, to fulfill dual purposes.
     Our first goal was to bring spiritual aid to the Trujillo area’s men, women, and children as a devastating flood had inundated the city and surrounding communities. The second purpose was to initiate contact with our off-planet families and my guardian angel, Daisy. Finally, we purposefully requested global assistance for our water planet and its inhabitants.
    We held a spiritual healing event in the main town center and later went to the hinterlands of Black Rock. That evening, Guillermo and I did receive a visit and communication from what I would call an Orion  Light vehicle.
     That dark, clear night, we were in the middle of nowhereville, alone on a stretch of an isolated beach, standing miles from the next human. One-quarter mile from the waves with a mild wind coming from our right. Guillermo looked at me and said pray. I have meditated hundreds of times at the beach. So I stuck my boots down deep, faced the beach, and started meditating, focusing on the White Light and my Gnostic Prayer.
     Off in the distance to my right, I hear this quadrunner driving in circles. But, again, we are nowhere, and for miles, there is no one, and if there were someone, they would not be wasting gasoline driving in circles on the beach in the dark. But, I am getting curious and distracted by this motor sound that is not going away. So, I opened my eyes to see what this source was.      Looking to my right, I can tell this motor noise is coming from Guillermo, who is standing next to me. Appreciate I have over four decades as a speech and language pathologist, and I have never heard that frequency sound from a human. So as I stare to my right and see Guillermo focused on making this sound that I do not think he is producing by the flesh. Finally, he opens his eyes, turns his head, looks at my eyes, and says, ” Look at Orion.
    Understand I do not know about Orion, yet my eyes go directly to Orion, and then I profoundly focus on the circle of light that is RIGEL.
     Then this tiny star zooms towards me, getting more significant as it comes down. I remember amazement at how this small brilliant orb of light came down to this close distance towards me and how big it is now. The zoom down felt like it was outside time, space and ego.
The next thing I can remember is being under the street light a mile or so away. How long I was unconscious, I do not know. After that, I heard Guillermo say they knew me and said my name was Dhalleman.
    Guillermo and I eventually emerged from the dark beach to the single light bulb patio, where we left Jarot and Blanca.
     I was shocked to find they were definitely in a wiped-out trance. Neither one could respond or talk about what I was reporting. I tried to get either one to talk, anything, yet just blank stares.
     A few days later, we flew back to Lima. When the plane landed, the big news was that the Vatican made a press release that the Pope would fly to Trujillo soon.
Sometime later, my friend Terry OShea and I sat at the sidewalk cafe of HAITI restaurant and smiled as the popemobile blew past the waving crowds and us.
Sam Bell

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