Bell Intell (Web Series)

Our most ambitious project that shows a real documentation on the life of Sam Bell, a spiritual channel formed by Sylvia Browne. He and his team try to decipher mysteries in the world guided by paranirmal clues in this world. There is a mystery of life and it begins in its center. Water is life. Water is memory. Water is communication.
We are spiritually connected and water is a link of the emotions of the community.

Story: Samuel Joseph Bell
Direction: Fernando Arrospide

In order to donate money for the production of this web series you can follow the following PayPal link. Any contribution to be able to continue with our project that seeks the truth is appreciated.

Chapter 3: At the Edge

After Junior’s message, Sam searches his subconscious for an answer and comes to the teachings Sylvia Browne gave him in the past. Along with Jarot and Fernando, they set out to find out what is behind these signals they are receiving.

Chapter 2: Awakening

Sam meets Jarot, a fan of astrology and videos. Together they travel to Chilca, a town famous for UFO sightings. There they meet Junior who reveals important information that Sam had experienced 20 years ago. Everything is connected.

Chapter 1: Water Has Memory

Sam Bell, an American who has just arrived in Peru, receives a request from his neighbors in his apartment who are very frightened by a ghost in the basement. Sam, along with Daisy, her guardian angel, intervene so that this entity leaves the building.