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Sky Juice your consciousness with Schumann resonance for a living prayer

Sky Juice your consciousness with Schumann resonance for a living prayer      Each of us contains a good amount of water; you are a large container of water. Most of you are at least 60 percent water. Trees, clouds, animals, bugs, and fish are living water containers.     All this water on our planet is […]


 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCEspiritual case study DOCTOR CATby Sam Bell Conscious Channel -Terry O’Shea Near-Death Experience– Resulting Spiritual experiences of Wife Lily-spiritual information to help caregivers and family advance consciousness and learn charted spiritual lessons with the least amount of pain.___________________________________________________________________DESCRIPTIONTerry was born and bred to be a mining-heavy equipment maintenance professional. Terry was known in dozens of […]


MIND CONTROL, project Mockingbird, wiretapping journalists, your present consciousness, and strategic thoughts to ponder      Loved one, if you have a healthy biological, neurological, and physical inherent feedback mechanism, you are designed to learn what you see and hear, smell, and touch.      So, for example, if you hear the french language spoken, […]


The tragedy of HOW AMERICA TRANSITIONED INTO MERICA and, more importantly, where do we go from here DisclaimerThe following summation comprises my direct experiences, observations, and opinions as a now 73-year-old conscious spiritual channel. At the conclusion will be a single suggestion for enhancing the Consciousness of humanity on this water planet.___________________________________________________________________     My […]

To brilliant thinkers in silicon valley

Internation Journal of Spiritual ScienceOPEN LETTERto brilliant thinkers in silicon valley and ethical neuroscientists around the globe  Seedling     Assuming communication and artificial intelligence are in the future of humanity, an opportunity presents itself. Both neuroscience and artificial intelligence are separate but equal in the free will zone of behavior modification. Neuroscience addresses your inner […]